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Personalization, quality and attention to detail are Undizain's core values.

The office has expertise and inclination especially towards the design of buildings type -residential or residential architecture.

Our projects   bring to the fore - the living space.

  • individual homes

  • collective housing blocks

  • residential complexes and related functions. (commercial spaces, leisure area, community spaces and co-working spaces and so on) all being part of the ensemble integrated holistically

  •  but not limited to this.

The projects are carried out from the study phase or the concept phase and we can offer expertise for the creation of technical documentation: 

  1. The theme and guide line for the architecture program - concept studies

  2. Documentation sets for notices requested by different authorities

  3. Design and Documentation set for approval (DTAC) including all disciplines (Structure/ MEP) together with our collaborators.

  4. Documentation sets for execution and detail sets for execution, including BOQ

  5. Depending on the scale of the project, we can also offer services for Project managing with the help of our collaborators.

Other services offered are:

  • Designing spaces related to residential complexes and development projects, spaces likeȘ lobby, reception area, commercial spaces, bars, cafes, etc.

  • Consultancy and design urban planning projects with the help of our collaborators

  • Space reconfiguration and interior design

  • Real Estate Consultancy

  • 3D Scenes and Presentation clips for developers and more.

  • Graphics and branding for developers.


Our projects are designed and tailored to the needs of our customers.

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