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House for Painters - Latvia

Introducing our solution for - House for painters on the shores of Lake Cernostes - with the title "Safe Haven". The project received recognition as one of the projects that were finalists and can be found among the selected projects on the website of the organizers ( 

Our project is presented as two buildings, on the footprint of the existing buildings on the land. The land is open to the lake and the design theme was a living space and a space to create for artists, especially painters who can stay in residence for up to 6 months in this location, together with their families. We aimed to respect the vernacular architecture by bringing it into the contemporary, through volumetric elements as well as the implementation of traditional materials. The volumes that separate but bring together both the artists' work space and the living space according to their needs, a fluid passage through the interior, exterior, work or living spaces.


  • Type: House for Painters - Cernostes Lake - Latvia

  • Surface:  455 m2


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